I have degrees in composition and rhetoric (PhD) and linguistics (MA), both from Syracuse University. I am currently an assistant professor in the English Department at the University of Nebraska, Kearney. Techna Verba Scripta combines Greek and Latin words, means absolutely nothing in either language, but symbolizes my tripartite interest in technology, language, and writing. Also: SoCal native, mountaineer, loves synth pop.



longsd unk edu

2 thoughts on “Wilkommen

  1. Seth – great work here! Your website was brought to my attention by a colleague of mine here at the University of Maine, which colleague was aware of the fact that I’ve been working this year on a study of all references to Russia in all SOTU addresses. (The first mention of Russia was by James Madison in his 1811 “Message to the Congress”, which was delivered in written form to the Congress, and not orally; this practice was begun by Jefferson and continued until Woodrow Wilson; cf. http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/sou.php#axzz1lZRMr4lE).
    Anyway, thanks again for your work, and for sharing it online.


    – Jim Warhola
    Professor and Chairman,
    Department of Political Science
    The University of Maine
    Orono, Maine 04469-5754

    • Professor Warhola – Thanks for the comment and the information. Thanks, also, for the link. I’d poked around for a site that had easy access to all SOTU’s in text format, but hadn’t found one. Now I’ll be able to copy all the speeches into a single corpus, and to run similar analyses.

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